One of the sad events in the wake of Vatican II has been the neglect and even ridicule of the devotional aspect of Catholic spirituality. I’ve heard more than one horror story of how rosaries were torn apart during homilies aimed to emphasize “active participation by the laity” in the Eucharist. I rejoice that most of us seem not to be so “enlightened” nowadays to try to make a point by desecrating holy objects during Mass.

However, if one lives long enough, thankfully he sees the pendulum swing back to a more sane and reverent approach to the Faith. Enough of political correctness and inclusive language which has nearly destroyed our vernacular, not to mention our sense of propriety and morality. But that’s for another article!

Is there a place for sacramentals in the practice of your Faith? What are they, anyway? Aren’t sacramentals the domain of little old ladies?

Briefly, a sacramental can be either a ritual such as a profession of religious vows or a devotional article like a religious habit, crucifix, statue, rosary, medal, holy card, devotional badge, novena, scapular, etc… Usually these items are blessed by a priest or Deacon prior to use by the faithful.

The St. Benedict medal is the most highly indulgenced medal in the Church which has many legitimate uses including use in an official exorcism. Wise pastors esteem its power in spiritual warfare, particularly against satanism and witchcraft. Protection from plagues, storms, and lightning for both people and animals can be found for those who wear or carry this powerful medal.

There is nothing magical or superstitious about the proper use of sacramentals. When united with our faith in God, they bring solace and comfort in stressful situations because of their silent witness to the sovereignty of God over everything that is. Sacramentals remind us of our littleness before Almighty God Who loves us as a Father.

Finally, sacramentals have never been banished despite misguided efforts of those who thought they were correctly interpreting the Vatican II Council. They have endured because people need them. People need to feel the albeit itchy embrace of their scapular to remind them that Our Lord and Our Lady are always with them. Human beings need things they can touch like a medal or see like a beautiful depiction of a saint or smell like the heady aroma of incense, or hear like the bells ringing at the Consecration. All of these and many more examples are made possible by sacramentals. As Catholics, all our senses are fully engaged in our worship!

Dr. Allan Weilert currently resides in Wichita, KS and has worked as a chiropractor, is a Fourth-Degree Knight of Columbus, serving in many aspects of parish ministry, active for 40+years as a leader and teacher in Catholic charismatic renewal and healing ministry, and co-ordinates as an official representative of Betania XVII, a local community affiliated with Betania, Venezuela, home to Church-approved apparitions of Our Lady, Virgin and Mother, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations. If you would like to receive a blessed oozing medal, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope:

Dr. Allan Weilert

404 W. Pawnee St., Apt 317

Wichita, KS 67213

His email: doc_weilert@yahoo.com

Dr. Weilert joined the Cross of St. Benedict Society this year. His Cross of St. Benedict is featured on this page.

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