About Joyful Hope

About Joyful Hope Ministries

Our Story

“When God’s Hands Must Be Enough”

by Peter John Stone

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Our History

Woodworker uses gifts to make crosses, encourage families

by Amber Mellon, Catholic News Herald

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Our Gifts


Our Charisms

Benedictine Spirituality. We punctuate our day with prayer, 7 times a day.
Artisans of Handcrafted Crucifixes, Church Altars and Artists of Sacred Drawings.
Founder of the Cross of St. Benedict Society - praying for the healing of families.
Speaker, "Life-changing Superhero Story of the Year"
Evangelists and Prayer Warriors for Unblocking Obstacles to Healing in Families
Vocalists, pianists and songwriter for Catholic praise and worship.
Obedient to the Magisterium. Two spiritual directors with Eucharistic and Marian spirituality.

Loved by over 1,000 people worldwide

We make things happen!

2016-04-02 16.36.26The ministry gave joyful hope to  thousands of people and families since we’ve launched the Cross of St. Benedict Society in 2013 in the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross in Charlotte, NC.

We have over a thousand families who have accepted the Cross of St. Benedict sacramental.  We have prayed with 5,000 individuals.  We have conducted over 100 workshops.  We have trained Joyful Hope envoys.  We have reached souls as far as Western Canada and from the East to the West Coast of the United States.


Yet, the battlefield is immense.  Millions of souls are lost to familiar family problems like drug addictions, divorce, disorders and physical illnesses.

You cannot be in the “line of fire” without proper tools and training and a strong prayer life.  The clergy, who are equipped with the gifts to heal souls are overburdened with enormous responsibilities.

For this reason, our ministry acts as “First Responders”, we treat the wounds of afflicted souls in the spiritual battlefield and bring them back to the Church, which is the hospital.

Our ministry is our response to the call of Pope Francis who said, “In pastoral ministry we must accompany people, and we must heal their wounds.”

Our ministry gives “joyful hope” through the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ,   the loving guidance of Our Lady of Joyful Hope, and the intercession of St. Benedict.

In God’s mercy, He has chosen a once-broken family to minister to other broken families.  For it is not us, but Christ who wants to give you His peace and healing.

We have dedicated our lives in the spiritual battlefield.  We are on a mission. We need your partnership. We need the co-workers to spread the truth and help the wounded.  You are the CO-WORKER.  You are our PARTNER.

3 John 1:8

It is our duty to welcome people of this sort and contribute our share to their work for truth.

Monthly Donation

What we can do for you

Praying 7 times a day for Society Members


Building Handcrafted Cross of St. Benedict, Sacramentals and Sacred Drawings

Artisans and Sacred Artists

Speaking about Our Life-changing Testimony in Parishes and Groups

Lay Evangelists

Empowering Families to Unite in Prayer

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Our ministry

Joyful Hope is a ministry of the UNITED FOR LIFE FOUNDATION, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization based in Birmingham, Alabama.  Our community resides at the Shrine of Our Lady of Joyful Hope in Kingstree, SC.

Your donations and gifts are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Please consider prayerfully to give to the JOYFUL HOPE MINISTRIES.  Help us respond to wounded families in the spiritual battlefield.




Monthly Donation


A society that gives witness to joyful hope lifestyles

Our faith is the glue. It allows for our unique experiences to thrive.

Today, we’ve continued to develop a community that prays and relies on God’s provision and mercy.

Let us be citizens of a society that has  JOYFUL HOPE.

To apply and be a member, click here.



IMG_8550AC1 (234 of 311)Patrick Campbell

Lay Evangelist & Artisan


2012-12-31_16-52-07_384Joy Campbell

Prayer Partner  & Pianist


Lee John BrunoLee John Bruno

Advisory Board & United for Life Foundation  – Non-Profit Dept.



cheryl MillsCheryl Mills

Advisory Board & Former Associate Deputy Administrator of the US Small Business Administration in Washington DC –  Business Development Dept. 


Dear visionaries, missionaries, and disciples of Christ: We want you.

Joyful Hope Envoys in Existing Catholic Communities


Chuck & Joy Dufresne, Couples with a testimony and mission .  Ignited to bring more healing family prayers in the  Couples for  Christ community.

Joyful Hope Event Technologies


Charbel Achkar, Creatives  with  minds who think outside the box and will get the Joyful Hope Ministry to reach individuals and their families through cutting edge technologies beyond imagination.

 Business & Ministry   Alliance

zac and jackie

Zac and Jackie Brakefield, Entrepreneurial Catholics with  joyful hope mind sets, who want to make a difference in the new evangelization with our ministry.

Praise & Worship  Performers

shopar band

Santo & Danny of SHOPAR Band, Recording Studio and Live Performance in Holy Spirit Rally and Events  to penetrate the hearts of wounded families to healing.

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