Advent Theme:  Joyful Hope 

First Week of Advent

Look around to God’s creation.  Does it not confirm His work on earth?  God does not leave His creatures to fend for dirt but provides for their daily needs.  He breathes life into despair.  He seeks the lost and the forgotten.  He brings honor and dignity to those trampled by the powerful.  He brings solace to the afflicted.  He is our God, the Creator of all things.

Men have used their minds as their God.  Men have misused His gifts to bring them comfort because the absence of God is torturous to us.  Devoid of His life-giving presence,  men feel pain, loneliness, fear and desolation.

Souls are moving fast to make their lives on earth like a piece of hell.  They chain themselves to the world and it becomes difficult to unchain back to the path of eternal life.

We are forming doubts in our mind about the truth about God.  The faith that we seek requires us to cooperate with God for the graces that He provides. 

We must open our heart to love others.  We must learn to love new situations because we know that God permits it to happen.

Those people He brings to us are souls whose lives matter to Him.  He died for each of them.  He wants us to heal and to know through us that God never left anyone.  He wants us to re-direct our lives back to Him.

Our time on earth is short.  We have to receive Jesus so that we can enter the Kingdom of God.

When we recognize the blindness of souls in our midst, we should not be frustrated.  Thousands of souls are lost.  God is not asking us to save the world.  He invites us to cooperate with Him to reach to every soul in an intimate way.

Prayer will help us love others because He came right away to assist us when we call Him.  Let the warmth of His love reach the cold hearts of souls who are distracted with the enticements of worldly matters.

Let us be LOVE for them.

Scripture Advent Meditation:  Galatians 2

I have been crucified with Christ, yet I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in Me; in so far as I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who has loved me and given himself up for me.  

Advent Prayer:

Lord,   weave Your Word in our lives and in the mission you called us.   Help us not be lured in the glory of fame.  Grant us the grace to be humble and undetected, for miracles abound to those who seek Your will with humility.

Grant us the virtue of faith to help us through life’s storm.  Move us forward to holiness. Be gracious to us sinners who do not yet understand.  Be merciful to those who judge us in our walk.  Help us to be honest servants so that we can be joyful in all circumstances.  Let your grace reside in us during this time of preparation for the coming birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.    Amen.

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