I love the father-daughter relationship that developed in my daughter and my husband. She consoles her parents so much with her love and deep faith in God. Even if she is miles away in college, there is not a single day that she shares her ups and downs.

It is easy for her siblings to be envious of her innocence. Yet, this is the grace that was given to her by God.

I told her not to settle for less in her romantic interest. For the man for her will have to be almost a saint to even come close to her father. We cautioned her with the lures of a workaholic man or a man who puts work first before God. Or a man who prides himself with work versus his relationship with God. We are praying for her future spouse, small caps spouse or big caps Spouse. It does not matter to us, as long as it is the choice of our Lord for her.

I am posting her sweet birthday note to her father.


Dearest Father,

Being here in college over 3,000 miles away from home has been a challenge. I have learnt so much while I have been away. The beauty of life and it’s many blessings but also the hardships of life and many nights where you feel so alone. Flying all the way out to California and saying goodbye to home was the scariest thing I did in my entire life. Once I got on that plane I wanted to take back everything I ever wanted to do in life and run back into your arms. I was terrified- I had no idea what was going to happen or where my life was going. But my security(what I called home) was gone. I had to grow up and face reality, I needed to move on and go on this journey alone. But your words stayed with me. The words of encouragement rang in my ears and the memories of you lingered in my mind.

I remember, when it was my first day of preschool, I was too shy to go into the classroom. But you told me, “Cierra you have to do this. Everything will be okay. Go on, you got this Princess.” And you gave me a little push and I stepped foot into that classroom and I looked behind me and saw you smiling down at me and you gave me a nod. Within that moment I felt like I could take on the world.
Despite the fact I cried every other time you dropped me off at school, the first is the one I remember most. My first time I got bullied at school, you were there to comfort me. My first heartbreak- I was in the kitchen doing chorus and you looked at me and said, “Cierra whats wrong?” And without saying anything you knew exactly what was wrong. I ran into your arms like a little girl even though I was 18, and I cried and cried.

These moments and many more I will always remember- they are the things that keep me strong. Yes, truth is, I have no idea what on earth I’m doing with my life- but I think I’m doing a pretty good job trying to figure it out wink emoticon . I miss you more than words can say and love you with my whole life. You are my hero who saved me when I was seven years old. You had your hardships in life and I saw even though you covered it up with a smile. And the one thing that you taught me was having faith in God even though everything else is crumbling all around you. You are the strongest man I ever known. Who has a heart like no other.
Wish I could be with you. Happy Birthday!

Love your Princess,

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