“Until one forgives, life is governed by an endless cycle of resentments and retaliations, and we spend our days scratching at the scabs on the wounds that  we sustained long ago instead of letting them dry and disappear. “, wrote Merle Shain, author of ” Hearts that we broke long ago”.

Do you find yourself talking to your loved ones about a past relationship that turned sour?

Though you already moved on with your life and found a person to love you, nagging annoying feelings spur negativities.  When you are given an audience, you highlight stories about him.

Recurring thoughts haunt you due to your inability to forgive.  Every bit of you seeks justice.

You fool yourself to believe that you just talk about the bad things   he had done to you and to others. The curse lies in your inability to remove his memory in your heart.  In fact, you carry his memory close to your heart and you will continue to do so.

It is only in forgiving that you can forget this man and be at peace.

An evil entity makes sure you will never forget the hurt.  And, sometimes, it is more comfortable not to talk about the devil’s manipulations and just focus on the wounds.

What are the consequences of not choosing to forgive?

Mental health disorder or Depression.

Chronic headaches.


Unsatisfying relationship with others.

A circle of misfortune.

You might never get off your anti-depressant or anxiety medications.     In the long run, you burn your life with your own fire.

What do you do?

Justice is God’s job.  Your job is to call on Jesus Christ to help you love with His Divine Love.  Surrender the pain to Jesus.  You do not have to feel like forgiving before you actually forgive someone.

Just say, “I forgive you  {name of person} for hurting me in the past.   I surrender this pain to your Lord Jesus.  Erase the memories and heal the psychological harm that resulted from this relationship.

Is it that easy?

Not really.  But, it does not have to be easy to be effective in your healing.

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