Our Lady of Fatima is very special to us. Each time we invite the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to visit our home, we experience profound peace and love. So as much as we can, we sign up to have her visit us.

Today, as we celebrate the anniversary of the miraculous phenomenon of the “spinning of the sun”, I looked at her and thinking how our Blessed Mother manifested her love to us. She is not only holding us, she is grasping us so we will never fall.

Before we received the letter below, I was just coordinating to promote the 33 Days of Morning Glory.  The ministry is going to send us 25 workbooks to encourage families to do the consecration to our lady.

Below is a testimonial from a family we met at the World Meeting of Families (WMOF).  From this pilgrimage, we have met many new friends, and eventually, who joined the Cross of St. Benedict society that are helping us in our ministry.


Dear Pat,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with me and my husband. I was surprised that he didn’t hesitate to pick out our cross. It is placed in our foyer….the first thing you see when you walk in the house and the last thing you see when you leave the house!

Things have been so crazy that it took until this past Sunday 10/11 to ask our Priest if he would Bless our cross with the prayers provided, we settled on Tuesday and went on our merry way. It wasn’t until this morning as I was praying the rosary praying fervently for my daughter and family, actually at my wits end with this situation that I remembered that it was Fatima day, 1013….booth 1013 visit me there, you said. I immediately prayed for you and your family and remembered that today was the day that Father was to bless our cross. Suddenly everything seemed better….my heart was full with grace of the Christ- incidence.

However the road to the blessing was paved with severe temptation, even to the point of the priest and my husband not being available at the agreed upon time. When our priest finally texted back he said that he would be available at 3:00 (the hour of Mercy) Perfect was my response. Mercy is what is needed when dealing with rebellious teenagers is the thought that stayed with me all throughout the day.

At 3:10 on 10/13/15 our Cross was blessed on the Altar of Our Church along with my Benedictine crosses (which I have hanging over each threshold of our house and in each threshold of our bedrooms) and the Benedictine bracelets (Medjugorie) and metals along with the WMOF rosaries.

I can’t express in words how meeting you and your family have enriched our lives and joined us together in a way that is supernatural. Thank you for fulfilling your God-given purpose to bring souls (families) closer to Christ. Pray for us as we will continue to pray for you.

May God continue to Bless you,

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