Dear Patrick and Joy,
Thanks so much for the breathtakingly, stunningly beautiful crucifix which I received this morning! It will hang over my prayer altar and be of great help to me to focus my prayer.

I loved the Batman packaging and felt like the Caped Crusader came to visit! Your over the top presentation really sets you apart, too. Thanks for all the care you put into fashioning the crucifix–it has far exceeded my expectations! I know I will reach for it frequently when I engage in spiritual warfare.

I have to share one more thing–I noticed quite a bit of oil on the surface of the crucifix–but only on the sides of the crucifix from the arms of the corpus to the feet. I have wiped it off a couple times now and it keeps coming back! This has happened many times to me over the last 15 years and I count it as a sign of Our dear Lord’s abiding presence.

In His mercy,


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