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Will pray that Fr. Benedict gets a Deliverance Crucifix

About Fr. Benedict

“Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” Mat: 10 1-7

I am very much inspired of these words of my Lord when I exercise this ministry.  As a priest I should be always aware of my responsibility towards God who called me to the priesthood and the people whom He has entrusted to me.  Therefore, I completely dedicated my life in Jesus with trust and confident. I am also a great devotee of Mother Mary, who is the constant interceder for me.

I am Fr Benedict Arakkal, Rector of St Paul’s Minor seminary India, Kerala, started my Deliverance Ministry  in the year 2011 , when I was appointed as an assistant parish priest in one of the parishes in my diocese.  To exercise this ministry I sought help from one of the priests who was an exorcist. He had been guiding me very well in order to prepare for this ministry with prayer and confident.

When I was giving retreat to people, a girl was brought to me for prayer. She was so irritated when I prayed over here. She was trying to pull my hands our form over her head. Her hand was so stiff and her face became so furious.   While I was celebrating the mass, during the time of consecration, she shouted aloud, ran towards alter and fainted there.  It was a first experience for me. I was so happy, because could save the life of that girl who was possessed by the demonic spirit.

There after I have come across with a lot of instance like theses…So far I have not taken any major cases of casting out evil spirit in my ministry. As a priest and a family counselor, I am preparing myself to take major cases of processed.

In the month of September 28 I am going to attend   3rd international course on deliverance and healing which is organized byRedemptorists priest in India, Bangalore. I am sure it will help me to do my ministry more effectively.

I ask your prayer and constant support

May God Bless you all

Yours in Christ Jesus

Fr Benedict Arakkal


Will pray that Fr. Benedict gets a Deliverance Crucifix