Patrick Campbell, Founder of the Cross of St. Benedict Society, shares his experience with prophetic dreams and how you can listen to Catholic prophecies after discernment. He explains how people’s understanding may be limited and a prophet’s understanding of events may seem inaccurate. In reality, a prophet hears the Holy Spirit in his or her tinted glasses. Thus, we must always pray to the Holy Spirit to receive it according to His will. 
Patrick and his wife Joy are Oblates of the Benedictines, Mary Queen of Peace in Davidson, NC. Their family lives the Benedictine spirituality – ORA ET LABORA. The family prays 7 times a day and offers their prayers for the healing of families. The family handcrafts wooden Benedictine Crucifixes for families. The family travels around the US to evangelize to families and give their testimony on God’s provisions and healing.

If you want to know more why Patrick is called the Catholic Bat-man, please read the article at Catholic News Herald.

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