It is the plan of Satan to divide children away from their fathers.  The father represents God, the father.  If your child has a problem respecting and obeying their father, that child will have a problem trusting the Heavenly Father.


Our young adults are  plagued with a very dangerous vice called SLOTH.  It is a hatred of things of the soul revealing faith as a pointless activity  as the young adult makes himself or herself busy with a love interest and a job to satisfy a temporary need to survive.  Living life to the fullest is defined in a secular sense as the young adult replaces a mission-centered life to what the secular world does – drink on weekends, fun after work and relationships to those that can caress their empty lives at the moment.

As the father tries to imbue a life of chastity, virtues, holiness and obedience, the young adult children cry for secularism (life without God, that is, God can wait), materialism (you worth depends on what you materially have), self-gratification (my happiness right now than what  God wants), self-centered sentiments (Me, me, me  first and my gf/bf before my family), disconnect (peer becomes their family and becomes clueless to the spiritual dynamics of life).

In our present society, Catholic fathers are regarded as “dictators” who control their lives.  Young adults have no qualms to tell their fathers how they have failed them instead of looking at themselves on how they failed their fathers.   In this age, young adults replace family tradition with TV family tradition, a disconnected life away from faith.

The resulting father in their life is the small screen that they hold in their hands.  It tells them where to go. It maps out everything that they wish to know about life.  It keeps them company as they wait for the opposite sex to comment on their dashing posts.  They capture memorable funny snippets of their lives in this device and shares it their circle of friends who suffer the same sloth-filled  mundane existence.

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