The photo above is our recent trip to Jasper.  The teen in black is TC and the other young man is XM.   I used this photo for my article today on dysfunctional families.  Two young men together in a family trip, completely different from each other yet able to live in peace.    

This is what Patrick and I feel about our mission.  bitterness-ponderingWe want to give hope to families who are trying their best to make it work.  We understand  that sometimes the dysfunction becomes unbearable in our lives, it does cause us to worry too much.   It is now becoming  a “psychological” problem and thus necessitates perhaps medications or a regular visit to a mental health therapist.

We approached life in this way in the past.  We sought one psychologist after another, the best that we could afford since we have a very good health insurance plan.  We never really expected that when we lost our health insurance, we will be depending solely on God to help us.

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