From the Pastor’s Desk…

As I mentioned in my homily last week, we will begin to have healing services every month here at St. Dorothy’s.

These services will include: 

6pm Holy Hour with Rosary & Meditation 

7pm Spiritual Direction with question and answer counseling

8pm (ish) Confessions for those in need of the Sacrament 

9pm (ish) Holy Mass in Latin; as soon as confessions end 

Concluding with Prayers of healing and deliverance over participants

On the Second Friday of every month this healing service will be for all woman ages 16 and older.

On the Third Friday of every month this healing service will be for all men ages 16 and older.

On the Fourth Friday of every month this healing service with be for the entire family.

During the healing services for woman and men respectively there will be no children allowed. Only nursing babies will be permitted. This is to enable the men and woman to enter fully into the process without the distraction of caring for their children.

My ernest request is that whomever will be attending these services with pray a Rosary every day for nine days before the healing service they attend. I also encourage you to fast on bread and water (if possible) on the day of the service. This will help to prepare you for the healing graces that you seek from God. Without such prayer and penance the graces that are available to you may not be able to penetrate your soul.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to me directly or to call the office. ! ! Your pastor, Fr. Miller

The address of St. Dorothy is at

148 St Dorothys Ln, Lincolnton, NC 28092

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