It is rough deciphering all these news about the economic collapse.  As of this time,  our stock market plunged further to 1,089 points back to  588 by the end of the day.

“What is bothering you?”  A question that Jesus might ask you at this very moment.

What do you mean? Does Jesus care enough to even ask me a question like that?  Is He concerned about what I really feel at this point?  Is He aware that I am troubled with these news?  Will He tell me what I am supposed to do from this very second to the next?  

Why would you think Jesus will abandon His people at these confusing times instead of leading them?   

We assume that we deserve chastisement. Period.

A few lines from Psalm 78 reveal the subtle truth:

The world is filled with rebellious people who are against the Most High.  

They tested God in their hearts, demanding more and more of their cravings and desires even  if it is not good.  

They spoke against God preaching His absence in our life and replacing it with other false Gods.  

Fire blazed up in many areas.  

They turned disloyal, faithless like their ancestors; they proved false

Their idols provoked him to anger

They did not believe in His wonders. 

But they deceived Him with their mouths, lied to Him with their tongues.

They provoked Our Lord with their unbelief and rebellion.   

God delivered His people to the sword.  

Then, how can one prepare for the perceived Chastisements? 

We can’t?  We are dealing with God.    We cannot prepare for a storm that is meant for chastisement.  Humanity’s ways are no match for God’s ways.

Are we all going to die in the process?

Of course not,  because “we know not the day nor the hour” so we must always be in a state of grace, and pray for God’s will.  In other words, if you have lived a life of faith and discerned your mission in this journey, you will be propelled to  serve God until the last of your breath.

A person who lives in faith knows the provisions and protection of the Heavenly Father.  You will miss the provisions if you think ahead too much.

What are you called to do?  What are your God-given talents?    What did you study for?  What is your work training?  What do you do easily?  All these will help you in a crisis.

For example, if you are nurse, know that you are expected to provide and care for the health of those that God will be send to you.   If you are a dentist, know that you provide the care for inflammations, pain and mouth of the sick.  If you are a carpenter, know that you will be building shelter and woodworking tools to others.  If you are a mother, you will be asked to nurture children and cook meals.  If you are a musician, you will be creating music to bring together people to sing prayers to God.  If you are an artist, you will draw images to process the hardships and point it back to God.

What are the resources given to you at the moment?  Trust me, the provisions you labored to stock up are not  just for your immediate family.  You are the steward.   If you have land, expect people to pass by your property so they can rest.  Start preparing for hygiene and sanitation aspects , a temporary one. If you have a large house, expect that you will have  guests.  If you have stacks of food, know that you will be feeding the hungry and watch God’s resources multiply.

The worse that you can do before you die in the chaos is to grab the food of someone else, to turn away families who are hungry, to close your eyes to your neighbors when they need help.

Do we need a chastisement to show love to our neighbors?  Get to know them now.  Check the elderly in your area. Whom will you serve? Love now, not later.  You family in the true sense is the people of God.

There is no need to fear death, it is a step closer to eternal life.

Are you suffering from spiritual sloth?  Renew you spirit, come back to God.

We have to remember the deeds of God and keep His commandments. It will be difficult for us to walk any storm in the natural sense and in a figurative sense if we refuse to to walk in His commandments and do not keep our promises to Him. We must have constant faith, not a flickering one that dies down by a blow.

What can you do to serve God now and tomorrow  irregardless of the future?  This is a time for  Batman and superheroes.  This is the times for the saints.


What is your battle cry?

“As for me and my households, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua, 24:15)

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