Inside Joyful Hope

Meet the Joyful Hope Missionaries Team

Patrick Campbell and his wife Joy, were  once devastated by divorce and wounds of heartbrokenness.  Their large blended family of 9 children suffered from psychological and chronic physical illnesses.  In a sudden turn of events, after a charismatic healing service, the Lord literally called  out this family in a hilarious superhero adventure.   Their spiritual director calls them “First Responders”  adhering to Pope Francis’ call to heal the wounded starting from the ground up.

Using the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit,  Patrick and Joy lived their Benedictine promise as  Oblates by building spiritual weapons, particularly the Cross of St. Benedict and sacred drawings as armors against the forces of evil.   As founders of the Cross of St. Benedict Society, their members grew to over 1,000 members and to about 2,722 intercessors united in prayer for the healing of families.

As a singer/songwriter, he released three CDs, including the movie soundtrack of World Youth Day “Don’t Turn back ”.  As a visual artist, he won  First Place in the Scholastic Art National Awards in 1989 in the United States.

The Campbell family moved to   Kingstree, SC  in  December 2015.  On April 7, 2015, the Campbells  felt called by the Blessed Mother to go to a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Joyful Hope and visit a cemetery nearby.   Upon their visit to the cemetery, they found out more about Fr. Patrick Quinlan, who was laid to rest at the former Catholic cemetery called St. Stanislaw’s.  Fr. Patrick Quinlan evangelized in Kingstree, SC in the 1940’s, the Golden Age of Evangelization in the South.

Our Lady of  Holy Hope, has been the patroness of the Cross of St. Benedict Ministry  since it started in November 2013 even before they have any knowledge of the existence of the Shrine of  Our Lady of Joyful Hope.

In God’s providence, the Campbell family was able to buy a house property a street behind the Shrine of Our Lady of Joyful Hope  where they go to daily Holy Mass and frequent Holy Hour.

The Campbell family are parishioners of  St. Ann Parish in Kingstree, SC.  They are also Oblates of the Benedictines, Mary Queen Of Peace.   Patrick and Joy Campbell go to regular spiritual direction for the ministry that our Lord has entrusted to them.


Advisory Board & Director of the United of Life Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama is responsible for the Non-Profit Administration of the Ministry.


Advisory Board & Former Associate Deputy Administrator of the US Small Business Administration in Washington DC guides the ministry in all business development efforts and grassroots promotion.