God has mercy on the mentally ill.

I just had some inspirations about how the mentally-ill are, so to speak,  in a better position than us.  Their poor decisions results from this illness   We demonize them because they could not find God easily in their suffering.  Praying to God is the last on their survival list.  We know that He is their salvation.  

We have no patience with them because their aggressive and tactless behaviors hurt us.  Setting a boundary to the boundless time they require, our immature concept of love forces them to demand more negative attention or withdraw to oblivion.   We have more reasonable things to do than to be their trash cans.

We justify the amount of time  spent assisting  them.  We love them in our thoughts and actions, but not in our hearts.  In fact, we exist and go about our daily life knowing their struggles.  We feel powerless to help them.

We curse them unknowingly in our hearts. We wish them to go away out of our lives.   We have sentenced them to a state  they deserved because they do not have the mental capacity to understand the nuances of life.

Until one day, we give up on them.  We no longer care. They are now strangers in our lives.  Ironically, they stay away to unburden us of the guilt because we cannot help them.    We remind them that they are crazy, when they feel they are just unloved.

They learn everyday that when they have someone to love, God loves them.  But, without anyone, they get angry at God and numb their despair with drugs, alcohol, sex or bad company.   They justify the boyfriend or girlfriend that loves them even if we know that relationship is not good for them.  We downplay their pride in their new jobs because that is how far we know their mental state can take them.

Each day is a struggle for them as they carry their cross. Unlike us, we have the mental capacity to choose to love and we don’t because it is our “will” that is in bondage. We know about God but we still do not follow God’s will.

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