Family & Friends,

Today, December 8, 2013, is my son, Matthew’s 16th birthday… Praise God! Some of you may know

about the horrific car crash that involved 5 Leesville Road High students last Thursday, December 5,



Figure 1: http://www.wral.com/nine-people-injured-in-two-ca…

The driver of the Acura was one of my son’s best friends, who up until recently drove him to school every day and everywhere else.

Last Thursday evening my son & friends attended a Young Life (Wake county High School Christian group) meeting. At its conclusion, Matt’s best friend (the driver of the Acura) asked Matthew if he wanted a ride home with him. Matt declined because he felt it was important to ride with the friend who brought him.

Understand that a miracle took place last Thursday in that, although the head-on collision was horrific, all the kids survived (although the three girls in the backseat were not wearing seat belts and were ejected from the car) and all are expected to make full recoveries.

I am very grateful that Matthew was not in that car and I am proud of the way he has brought comfort and healing (through God’s grace) to the kids involved. Praise God!

I later asked Matthew where he was when he texted his friend for a ride that fateful night. He was sitting on his bed underneath his Cross of St. Benedict.

My wife, Joy, and I had just met the Campbells a month before this happened at a Charismatic conference. Not only did we have the spiritual weapon that protected my son, but we had the constant prayers that Patrick and Joy Campbell pray for every member of the Cross of St. Benedict family. Praise God for their ministry!


Chuck Dufresne

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