Feeding our family healthy delicious food is a challenge.  Healthy for me means no preservatives, food coloring, very minimal to no salt,   I also want to get  accessible ingredients that I can easily grow in my dream garden.

My mother is a superb gardener.  The green thumb flows in my blood.  The problem is the opportunity, I just do not have it yet.  So, I will stay at the present moment and learn to cook healthy original recipes.

So here is my first experiment.

Prehistoric Salad

1 cabbage

1.  Boil cabbage leaves for less than a minute.

2.  Shred cabbage and carrots and celery.

3.  Add a bit of chopped green onions and fresh basil.

4. Saute garlic, onion and add the chicken and season with black pepper.

For the dressing:

1.  Mix together    apple cider vinegar, hot water, fish sauce, honey and olive oil.

2.  Add red crushed pepper.



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