“What does a pure man do? What is the real power of purification? How does one come to have a cleansed heart?” Benedict XVI asked his “student circle compose of priests and philosophers” in a Holy Mass in the Vatican.

In the Gospel, Jesus said, ‘You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you’. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says that by the power of the WORD or Scriptures you are made pure.

Do we read Scriptures and then we become pure automatically? Or is there a missing step?

Benedict XVI explains that the Word is Jesus. This means then that when we open the bible and read His Word and reflect on it, we are transformed. Since it is not just a written narrative, it has a life of its own. The Word becomes alive even if initially the attempt looked like mere words.

This is the power of the Word. It can change us. It can speak to us. It can be our stronghold in this life. It is meant to replace our present anchor – the false securities that we hang on to – stable job, financial savings, higher education, to name a few.

If we automate our future to the standard ingredients for success, you will find yourself prosperous to the world but inept to the ways of God. You get enticed to the world of the enemy, a life of perpetual suffering, illness, pain, rejection, anxiety, fear and a cohort of negativity.

To read Scriptures is to be  propelled  to the true journey in our life.  The one journey that will give us peace amidst the chaos,  because you walk in purity  with Jesus.

Grab your bible, pray to the Holy Spirit to allow the Living Word of Jesus speak to you today. The lie of the enemy is to keep you chained to the success defined by our current society, a group of men or women who refuse an encounter with God.

You need  pure success – the extraordinary life of goodness, truth and love that is achievable to those who believe in Him and read His Word. Pure success is relying on the promises of God in His Word and not the promises of the world.  Pure success is a purified heart that seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus to the best of their abilities and understand that the gaps will be bridged by the graces bestowed by the Heavenly Father.

The pure success principle is the daily habit of  allowing Jesus Christ, His Real Presence and His Word to guide your life.

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