It is not uncommon that more discernment is needed in a “crisis situation”. In reality, a crisis situation is so disturbing that the immediate response is to react to it. Most cases, the responses are emotional, all heart.

We bring in our spouses since we know from experience that they can be at least level-headed in this kind of situation. We sometimes even bring our priest or spiritual directors to our problem. We want to make the right decision. Who wants to make the situation worse? You do what you can.


This past weekend we went to Jasper. We stayed at a wonderful retreat house and the Program Director recommended a book by Fr. Michael Scanton, entitled “What God wants?” I was thrilled to read it. First, the present circumstances point to our current situation and the need to understand what God wants. Second, the author had been instrumental in my quest to understand how the Holy Spirit works.

One day, I was in our parish library, I prayed to the Holy Spirit and ask “What do you want me to read today?” And, my eyes were magnetized to an old worn out red book entitled “Let the Fire Fall.” With a very conservative parish (celebrating Latin Mass two days a week), it was surprising to find a book with a “charismatic title”.

Going back to the book, it talks about doing a 5 point test in your discernment. And, it is quite easy to remember it.

  • 1. Conformity (to God’s will)
  • 2.Conversion (of heart, closer union with God)
  • 3.Consistent (to how God revealed His will in the past)
  • 4.Confirmation (by signs and wonders, by circumstances, by spiritual directors etc.)
  • 5.Certainty (moral reality and peace in your heart)

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