“What is required to judge somebody?”  St. Thomas says,

1. Authority. 

You have to have authority over a person . God has the only authority over the conscience of the person.

2. Justice 

It has to be done according to justice. No exaggeration, no more or less.

3. Knowledge of Interior Lives. 

You have to have knowledge. No one has access to the interior lives of other people. We do not know the baggage, which can be a demonic influence. We have to be careful to let people pass judgment and you set up people to judgements and allow to be the occasion of sin.

4. Temperance 

It violates temperance. It can be taken on broader sense, any kind of pleasure, could be intellectual or any type of inclinations or pleasure to know more. In the final judgment, everyone will know what you did. Since we have offended the Highest Authority in the heavens and earth, only God has a right to judge you or vindicate your publicly. He convicts and extracts that from people in a supernatural way.

The gossipers do not have the virtue of temperance. They cannot control their tongue.



Lord, we repent for the times we have stabbed you with our malicious words against our neighbors.  Forgive us from the spirit of pride, gossip, malice, detraction, murmuring, calumny and contumely,  which justify our actions to malign the sins of other people.  Forgive us for de-humanizing a sinner and forgetting that this is the reason you died on the cross.  Forgive us for the pleasures and satisfaction we get from knowing more information that will lead us to sin.  Forgive us for feeling the right to vindicate any human being publicly for their sins.  

Protect our Holy Father Pope Francis from current detractors and any other human being suffering with this trial. 

Our Lady of Joyful Hope, pray for us.  

Excerpt from the audio talk of Fr. Chad Ripperger at www.sensustraditionis.org

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